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iPhone 6s Price in Sri Lanka 64 GB Storage 4 GB RAM

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iPhone 6s

An iPhone is said to be costly, and Apple fans won’t ever question that. There’s no question that the iPhone 6S is a great mobile phone, but there’s additionally no doubt that it’s a step-by-step update over the iPhone 6. It’s actually effective and the performance is to die for, but if this was an Android phone, we might all have been criticizing it.

Build and Design

A specific item is exactly what you get here, except if you’re an iPhone 6 user. The iPhone 6S looks exactly like its predecessor. I gave the telephone to three iPhone 6 users and they promised they might have the improvement in both thickness and weight. The truth is, the fact that it’s weightier is more obvious, but what you’re feeling more is the new alloy that Apple has utilized to prevent bendgate issues. The iPhone 6S seems more durable than the iPhone 6, and fewer vulnerable to damage. Also, the phone doesn’t feel as slippery as the iPhone 6 did, meaning you’re able to do without protection for this one.


I said this in the past year, in the iPhone 6 review, that the 4.7-inch 750×1334 pixel display, just works best for the iPhone and it continues to be the same this current year. The display is wonderful for all intents and purposes. No app will appear bad and pictures look as effective as they are said to be.

3D Touch

The elephant in the room for the iPhone 6S is this new technology that Apple has put in. 3D Touch has potential, there’s no question that, but at this time, the feature is completely ineffective on the iPhone 6S. It’s already been an entire week now, and I haven’t utilized the feature for anything further than showing people how it operates.


There’s very little that may warrant a 60k+ price tag, but Apple’s new A9 processor combined with the PowerVR GPU might just make a case for that. On GFX Bench 3.0, the Manhattan OnScreen test achieves V-Sync. Why? The reason that frame rates churned out by the processor is more than what the display is able to do shows. That’s not something any Android OEM can boast at this time.


Coming over to the largest change in the iPhone 6S – the 12MP camera is the second time Apple is different from its philosophy. The camera is preferable to a lot of, but have only used the Galaxy Note 5, LG G4, and also the Galaxy S6, I must point out those cams were better. Prior to starting asking yourself that, hear me out.


Apple could possibly have brought down the battery potential on the iPhone 6S, but the battery life is identical. I, and lots of of my tech brethren, desire the day when mobile phones deliver greater day’s battery life, but sadly, that’s the very best you may get today. The 1715 mAh battery on the iPhone 6S runs for about a full day, on normal usage


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